A data centre in Dubai Silicon Oasis

The project is a data centre in Dubai Silicon Oasis covering 2 floors with the upper floor comprising of 3 data halls. Only 1 hall will be fitted out under the initial phase. Office and staff areas are provided on the lower floor, externally located are the chillers, generators and incoming power. The services to the data halls are located in an external service corridor so that, maintenance can be carried out without entering the data hall, and this also protects the data hall from water leakage as the external to the hall.

CML are employed to provide full Commissioning Management Services, Health and Safety Consultancy Services and a QA/QC Management team. The scope includes all MEP & ELV services.

  • Client: NOVA Mission Critical CM
  • Consultant: Alluralh Engineering Techno Systems
  • Sector: Data Center
  • Location:Dubai, UAE